BBG Idol 2013

You always knew that you were a great singer. Now is the time to prove it. Come out of your bathrooms and get in front of a camera (with your clothes on, that is). Sing your best bhoola bisra geet and submit the video to the given link. BBG fans would vote for the best singers by liking and sharing the songs.


Who can participate?

Any BBG facebook page fan


What song should I sing?

  1. If its a film song, the film should be released before 1990. Old folk songs and bhajans are also acceptable.

  2. The song can be with or without instruments; with or without choreography. There should be no copyright infringement by the singer. There are no points for music or choreography, but they will certainly increase fan votes.

  3. The song should be about 4 minutes long, just long enough to showcase your talent and short enough to keep the listener’s interest.

  4. The song video should be appropriate for family viewing.


How are singers scored?

The singers would be scored on impact which is computed on the basis of facebook likes, comments, shares, youtube views and likes. Scoring is based on a proprietary algorithm which weeds out the likes by fake facebook accounts.


How does the program work?

BBG Idol will have four rounds – Prelim round (24 participants), Quarter Final (12), Semi Final (6) and Final (3 participants). The song videos would be posted on BBG facebook page. At the end of specified period, scores would be computed for all singers and best singers move to the next round. The singers will submit new song videos for every round.


How long will the program be?

Its expected to go over 14 weeks.


What will the winner receive?

A singing contract with BBG song label. NOT. Being declared the best singer by BBG fans is a reward in itself. Along with that, we would be happy to advertise the winner’s webpage, albums etc on the BBG facebook page.